The GOOLOO Jump Starter


Winter is near, the car battery will lose power faster than before. If you place your car in the garage for several days, maybe the car battery won't jump-start the engine.

Backing up a jump cable, battery charger, or jump starter to solve the problem is always needed. But when you are outdoor, the battery charger and jump cable can't power the car battery directly. 

Luckily, a jump starter can start your dead car battery in a flash. You just need to simply connect the jump pack with the car battery and press the button, then it works. And after your car engine works, the car battery will be recharged by the car normally. Aside from being user-friendly, a mini jump starter takes up minimal space in your car trunk. But the standby time is better than a car battery. Therefore, possessing a reliable jump starter in your car is the best and smartest choice. Here, a question may pop up in your mind: what is the best car battery jump starter to buy?

At this time, I have to say the best affordable jump starter is GOOLOO. GOOLOO has several series of jump starters to meet your needs, including the titan series, the elite series, and the turbo series. Each series has its unique features. For example, the GP4000 of the titan series is the most powerful one and the GE1200 of the elite series is the most compact one but still has enough juice to crank a dead battery. The price of these jump packs may be a bit different (though, still affordable) due to different battery capacity and design, but it delivers on steadfast power performance. And its reliable performance across the board breaks the stereotype of a cheap brand.

How to Jump-start A Car

First and foremost, make sure this unit is over 50% charged (check the battery indicator> 2 bars). If this unit has not been used in more than two months, it is advisable to charge it first.

Steps to jump-start

  1. Connect the smart jumper cable fully into this unit and make sure the two indicators on the jumper cable are off.

  1. Connect the two clamps to the car battery. (Red to the positive (+) pole and black to the negative (-) pole.)

  1. Start the vehicle when the GREEN LIGHT is on and solid.

After the vehicle has been started, remove the jumper cable from the jump starter and the vehicle battery.

Different Indicator Lights Should Catch Your Attention

①GREEN LIGHT on and solid: Indicates the connection is correct and the circuit is working, you can start the vehicle directly.

②RED LIGHT on and solid with beeping: Indicates the connection is wrong, you need to correct the battery clamps as step 2 mentioned, wait for the GREEN LIGHT on and solid, then start the vehicle directly.

red light

③GREEN LIGHT Blinks: Indicates the vehicle battery voltage is too low, press the "BOOST" button on the jumper cable, the GREEN LIGHT will be on and solid, please start the vehicle immediately within the 30 s.

green light blink

④No Lights on, No beeping: Indicates that the vehicle battery may be damaged. First of all, make sure the correct connection, then press the "BOOST" button on the jumper cable, the GREEN LIGHT will be on and solid, please start the vehicle immediately within 30 s.

What Else does GOOLOO Jump Starter Provide?

If a jump start could only provide power to your dead car battery, couldn’t it be too wasted? Hopefully, beyond jump-starting, GOOLOO jump starters also feature USB charging ports, a DC 15 V power outlet with a lighter adapter, and a built-in LED flashlight with 3 modes. You can charge your multiple devices or check your car engine at night by using this all-in-one jump pack. 

Say, on a lonely and endless road trip, your car breaks down due to a stop-working battery and your phone is about to power off. That is so dispirited a moment. But things do happen sometimes. And I had this awful experience once when I was en route to my friend's wedding. Thankfully, my preparation of the GOOLOO jump starter helped me out of this mess.

need a jump

I should say, that power performance and versatility, making it an excellent choice for the emergency "get it and forget it" item in our car trunk. Where you go, take the GOOLOO jump starter with you!


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